We were the kids walking the threshold!

We were the kids walking the threshold!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The secret behind being a good person (my way of thinking about it)

Zoo here, your everyday host of Degeneration Why.
Today my friends we will talk about "being a good person"
What is good, who is good...but the correct question is actually "IS it/he/she good?"
 Now there is a huge difference between being good by looks and being a real good person.
A good person (once more for the dyslexic :D:D ) is not a person that will help others 24/7 or give you his shit all the time, that's a docile person. It's not being totally kind to everyone everywhere, that's being trustful.
 A good person(yes i know...i know, but you get the point of the words being repeated) is a mythical creature that our parents use as a role model when trying to make us do shit or become something.
"But you can always become a good person!"
That is a highly abstract theory which I find cracking and smashed under the weight of circumstance. A good person to one is not the same for someone else.
 In order for you to become that fantastic super hero, CAAAAPTAAAAAAAIN CAAAAVEEEM.....oops Captain Good Guy, you need to fulfill your own vision of him.
Good is always walking side by side with BAD/EVIL and YUCK, the sooner you realise this, the better.
 You need to be flexible, give to people you respect the same amount back. Give your friends the friendship you want from them. Give others the attitude that you want to receive.
In other words GIVE so you could RECEIVE!
 But what about the times when no matter how much you give and give...you still receive CRAP. Well this is the good thing about flexibility, give the crap back and shove it down their throats.
 You can't take shit from anyone just because you want to be good.
Receive, parry, hit back.
Welcome to the concrete jungle, don't look at the cover. Search deeper, there are many people who look and act like you NEED to hate them...you don't.
Lets take a grumpy homeless dude that I meet really often for an example. He knows no better, he talks shit to people, but that's just one part of the story. This person who I will call by the name of Bob, just for the sake of the idea, has actually a great educated past...2 degrees ( organic chemistry and biology...hard stuff i know) Now Bob is a nice dude, but he is forced to act this way because people treat him like the shit he is NOT. He lost his job as a researcher, government took his home (communism is a bitch, they give, they take...playing god) and he is sick. Now that communism is gone for roughly 20 years, Bob is on the streets. He sleeps in parks, cops even leave him alone. He walks around and gather "their majesty the lucky ones" beer bottles so he can grab some change from the nearby store and buy food, smokes, booze and now and then a pair of socks. This guy gave me so much wisdom that changed a whole portion of my way of thinking. He gave me years of experience just because I walked up and gave him a smoke and some money for food.
Now on the other hand we have Billy, fucking Billy man one rotten little shithead. Clean kid, never tasted alcohol (this is good yes), never smoked a cigarette (also good), goes to school, works in the summers, tries to become somebody....  douche bag extraordinaire...this kid plays his all alpha game and to impress 2 girls, starts yelling and cussing at Bob...the old man gets scared and starts trembling in front of a bench almost dropping the food I bought him. Billy grabs his grub and throws it in the trashcan...and this my friends is when I fucking snapped, swear on my future gravestone, I have never kicked the shit out of someone this way. And this didn't even make me feel better, the old man was sobbing and tears were rolling down his eyes. I bought him a new sandwich and told him to watch out and walked away...
This my friend is how idiotic the whole model of a perfect good person that we get jammed in our heads sounds. No matter how much you drink, smoke, smoke weed or do other forbidden shit...the good in you is the ability to make a change for once, to bring your little justice.
 Let's be better and stand up for the weaker and good people(the real good people).

P.S: Names are changed because i didn't know them. The name is just a way to call someone and give you the chance to talk about him to others.
P.P.S: FUCK THIS KID, if you see someone like that, please KICK THE LIVING CRAP OUT OF HIM!


And a song for the people apreciating real hip hop and its in tune with the theme:

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