We were the kids walking the threshold!

We were the kids walking the threshold!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Why "Degeneration why" ???

We are the generation of babies raised by the baby boomers and while this sounds nice it is heavily influenced by some factors. Factors like location, exact time, social status....etc.
While "Generation Y" would sound a cool nickname for a whole chunk of the world population...let me stress on the fact that the people like me and you are a lot different. We are the "Degeneration WHY?!".
 We are the ones raised not by parents who wanted to give us everything, but the parents who wanted to teach us the values of EVERYTHING. We are the people coming from broken families, collapsed households, bad social life, worse standards of living.
 Talking about parents....hm.....let me just think about it....oh yes we have them. Those people who put us in a hostile environment at home so we wouldn't WANT to see the hostile environment outside our homes. Those who failed to stop us from making our own mistakes and those who were so self-centered that couldn't see further than their blind ambitions and frightful little world. They kept talking and talking....spiting bullshit after bullshit hoping we will learn something from old mistakes in an old way of life and an outdated moral codex. Enraged and destructive for prolonged periods of time, bringing to nothing more but the insecure future of your inner you......if you listened off course.
 Well since you are relating to thees words you actually did listen, but did not brake.
Now after this short introduction....let me move on to the real question here:
- Why, oh why are we "Degeneration Why" ?
Well let me brake it down in two sections, hoping I won't have to explain the wordplay.

Part 1: Degeneration
Real simple actually. We were heavy drinkers at 16 and some of us even earlier. We ditched school to drink, smoke weed and kill the pain of the surroundings....it worked. But what were we in the eyes of the people around us "degenerates, future criminals, drug addicts, alcoholics". For fuck's sake I was even called a satan worshiper once. Those were the names that people who lived in the past when comunism was destroying the freedom of people in my country and they liked it.
 We were never like them, allways asking our questions "WHY!?" anoying the shit out of everyone. We never wanted to be rebels, revolutionaries and urban mental guerillas....but we became those things. Thanks to our questions and our hate for the brainwashing, censoring, abuse of intelect and overall stupid rules....Dumb rules.. And we followed rules, playing the game smart as hell, keeping quiet while drawing the plans to open peoples eyes. Some did some didn't....the struggle continues.
They are still blind and we although started slowly to reduce the amounts of alcohol, weed etc. are still degenerates in their eyes...and that is good. It is good because they don't expect the music of our cultures to hit their faces and the arts of our cultures to poke their eyes open.

Part 2: Why?
If I have to explain this part....well you didn't even understand the last. Everything should be crystal clear by now.

This is just a fragment of the thoughts that you will read in this blog.

*The past is what you learn from so you could survive the present and arive at the future unharmed*

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