We were the kids walking the threshold!

We were the kids walking the threshold!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

"Degeneration Why" will be puting it down

 What's up y'all.
You are aware by now, that your boy Zoo (a.k.a. me, proud degenerate) is an asocial a-hole. Always talking smack about the system and the state of the human mentality.
 Let's talk about a little history. I am from a small European country on the Balkan peninsula. My motherland is 1300 + something years old with rich culture and history (wars, 500 years of slavery, political changes and screw ups...the whole package). The reason I chose to become that a-hole that I am is plain and simple.
I hate what is happening around me, not because I am a hater, NO. Just because I am one of the few people who broke out of the massive hypnosis that is brainwashing everyone, this means that people like us (because if you read this you are probably thinking like me) are seeing what really is happening.

So cutting right to the chase.
Some time back, after a long time of listening and living the hip hop culture that is almost extinct I got into it and decided to give something from my soul and mind to the culture. So this is how its going down.
 There was an underground hip hop crew - 6 guys, one of them Deadly Science Artist or just DSA, yeah we had some good times, it wasn't anything flashy and pretty but it was good. We put out songs for the poor, the starving and for people in the gutter that struggle. BUT and every fairytale has its BUT that kicks itself we came apart. I don't want to get into details because its has nothing to do with beef and hate...we just grew apart from each other. To this day I am thankful for the thing they did for me.
 I stopped making music for about 2 or 3 years and it hurts like a motherfucker. I woke up every morning with nothing to look forward to and no dream whatsoever, until the day a mad ill cat and I made a connection and came up with the idea to start again. This time...harder, heavier and more social than ever.
 We started working on the project...planing shit as hard as possible and searching, we had brief problems with finding a microphone (because we are both broke and can't afford to buy one at the moment) and thankfully a great friend of mine, who was with me through the whole hip hop crap and giving me support and making tracks came into the picture. So basically now we have a mic, tons of lyrics to be grounded and edited and some SICK BEATS.
 So, apparently good things happen, when you are so low that you are grossed out by your own condition.

I didn't want to brag and shit, but I am so fucking happy right now.

Stay tuned for the tracks, sadly they won't be in English but I will be translating the lyrics for you guys.


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