We were the kids walking the threshold!

We were the kids walking the threshold!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

It has begun!

Shit has started!! And I mean STARTED, like a bar brawl about a team allegiance.
We have the first signs of war all around the world. And I'm not talking about war with guns and bombs...all that shit. I am talking about straight up mental combat.
 Signs are popping out like flowers in the spring.
-Mass censorship (Keep on fighting for your right to intellectual freedom The Zoo Project supports!)
-Protesting and riots all 'round the globe.
 Just today I stumbled upon a video courtesy of my country's beloved Department of Health care. Dumb motherfuckers who overprice medicine and people FUCKING DIE because of their idiotic methods of gaining money for themselves. So the video was one of a series of anti-drug shorts. Don't get me wrong I don't support drug abuse and am strongly against heavy drugs. But this video was about marijuana which made me laugh at first. They used the good old "It's a gateway drug" crap. They have paid actors (really untalented ones too) to just act and lie about what their experience with weed was. All of them were either in a jail setting or outside the walls of the jail. OK that's not the bad part.
 The bad part is they connect the personal choice of people with HIP HOP Culture and heavy drugs.
Even the children know that Marry Jane is NOT a gateway drug and the only effects it has over you are:
- Dull perception
- Hunger
- Higher heart rate
And if you are a hardcore toker you might experience some short term memory problems...which however are easily cured with a fucking PAUSE.
 It was ridiculous man.....Those guys where acting like some kind of fucking heroin addicts, talking like dumb motherfuckers and alcoholics. Talking about shit like "Weed destroyed my life I had a dream of making a rap career but marijuana destroyed it for me, now I'm in jail and I quit cigarettes." WHAT THE MOTHERFUCK?!
First of....if you read fucking books and know your shit. If you EDUCATE yourself OUTSIDE WHAT THE SCHOOLS SYSTEMS are trying to ram into your head (some of it true, most of it you can learn by yourself). If you do those things...you will not destroy your life. Its YOUR fault if you're a dumb motherfucker.
 So I want just to say that WE the people outside of the fucking cast will not stand for this kind of bullshit.
Peace and keep up the fight!
Zooman out!

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